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What can I explore with my coach?

During coaching sessions, we explore your challenges and various ways to help you reach your goals. The topics we discuss can be wide ranging. A sample of topics and techniques are reflected below, but what we may cover depends on your unique journey. See - How can coaching help you?

Paying attention to my needs

Health & Well Being

Practices to deal with sleep and stress.
Eating habits
Healthy lifestyle
Sensing your feelings in the body
Learning and growing

Meditation & Mindfulness

Sitting Practices
Paying attention
Spirituality - Connection - Meaning
Being present with curiosity
Mental wellbeing

Emotions and feelings

Observing our emotions and triggers
Knowing who we are
Ways of discovering your personality type
Our personal Strengths and Weaknesses
to honestly explore ourselves
Inner Feelings

Planning & Interacting with others & The world.


Developing Shared direction with others
Breaking down barriers
Getting support


How saying no means being able to say yes to things important to you!
Using language to:
Make Commitments
Resolve conflicts
Manage difficult conversations
Bring about change
Being Transparent


Taking Stock be it career, work, finances, health or relationships
Prioritizing / Balance
Time vs. attention management
Planning for action
Life Stages

Meet your Coach

Cape Town Based

Garth is a Certified Integral Coach® with a passion for giving back and contributing to helping others in a confidential one-on-one basis to address their goals, realize their potential, enhance their relationships and/or deal with stress and potentially being stuck in their lives. Garth loves to coach through an evolving conversation that unlocks an individuals potential, purpose and possibilities.

He has a prior corporate career in strategic procurement and contract management spanning three (3) decades and has worked in senior roles leading and guiding teams of procurement professionals for a number of top forty companies. He worked in diverse industries such as mining, banking, short term insurance, Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) , etc., where he was required to network and operate at senior management levels. He held positions as a procurement manager in various companies such as Anglo American, Standard Bank, Stellenbosch Farmers Winery (merged with Distell), Sanlam and Santam. In his last corporate role he headed up and managed a strategic sourcing team responsible for a spend portfolio in excess of R 3 billion and networked with numerous suppliers. He worked in cross functional teams setting up numerous multi million rand contracts with a range of suppliers such as motor glass, panel beating, towing and car rental to name a few.

His corporates career has allowed him a keen appreciation of the challenges and pressure facing leaders who operate in these large organizations and he has elected to give back and contribute to others through focused one on one coaching helping individuals find their solutions to a balanced approach to life’s daily demands.

Garth is married with one adult son and has many interests in reading, cycling, gym, yoga, pottery to name a few. Garth has found a call to coaching and in recent years has been trained extensively by the Centre for Coaching culminating in being Certified as an Integral coach. This training content is sourced from New Ventures West (USA) and is recognized through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB). This training is at a Master Certified Coach level. Further to this he has built up numerous hours of coaching experience both locally and internationally through one-on-one engagements and/or via technological platforms being Zoom or Microsoft Teams for virtual coaching.

Garth Gibson

Coaching Qualifications:
Certified Integral Coach® (CfC), CfD & PCC (UCT
Business Qualifications:

Executive MBA (Henley), Adv. Purchasing
Management (UNISA), Nat Dip. Purchasing (UJ)

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Here are what just a few of Garth’s
clients had to say:

Garth really helped me devise clear goals in a straightforward and positive manner and celebrated my wins and progression throughout the journey. He also helped me deal with tough situations and difficult circumstances not only in the moment but a whole rework of how to approach things better in the future. He is a great life coach!

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Danielle Joolay

Life is a complex and humbling journey.  Garth guided me to such clarity, drive and sense of purpose that I was able to become an entirely better person than I thought I could be.  Garth is extraordinarily generous, sensitive, and keenly intuitive.  He gave me tools to navigate my journey, and empowered me to craft my own, and in our brief time together he became more than a mentor to me - he became a friend. Having been sceptical (yet curious) when I started my coaching journey, I can now comfortably and enthusiastically recommend Garth to everyone with the ambition to be a better, more confident version of themselves. It is a joy to experience.

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Sebastian Pooler

My coaching experience with Garth was transformative. I found him to be highly sensitive to and observant of my needs, in no small part because he is an incredibly good listener. He has the rare ability to really see another person, listen to them, and meet them where they are. I learned a lot about the simple consistency needed to change oneself through the exercises he took me through, and he managed to always share just the right TED Talk to help me with my current situation. I wouldn’t change anything about the process, and now the onus lies on me to continue the work – for which I now have a handful of great resources to guide me.

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Kirstin Conradie

“I could never express myself about my passion or purpose in life - and at 51 I met this amazing person (my life coach - Garth) and he brings out a whole lot of stuff I have known for a long time and puts it into context to show me who I am and what I do to enrich the lives of others as well as mine. I think the most remarkable of all, is the fact that he was able to articulate what I did and translate it into meaningful words / phrases and activities to show me where I am and where I need to grow.” “Garth's techniques and approach to his activities (such as planting avocado pits) were breath-taking.” “We need more people like Garth – Life Coaches can make touch work look easy. Sometime people just need a little push in another direction that can give them a second breath. I have more than a second breath now – my conversation with people makes so much sense and people are in love with my story”

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Pieter Titus

My work with Garth was a valuable part of my sabbatical process. He served as a mirror to me as we discussed what I consider important in my life. With that in mind we developed tools together that I today use to find better routes that take me closer to living a life of balance. We refined the ways that I work and the trade-offs that I may need to make to find this balance. By reinvigorating my morning silent time and building habits to note what is happening in my inner landscape I learned how to listen better to that what is within. The work we did solidified the narrative sand metaphors for my life that stand in agreement with my truth. While this was just part of my journey, the time I took out each week for a session grounded me and brought renewed focus. I am really grateful for the work that we did together and would definitely recommend his services.

Some references are redacted to meet website space limitations. Full reference is available.

Pieter Holtzhausen

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NB: Sessions are held remotely, via Zoom, however if you’re based locally we can organize for in-person sessions. These sessions are usually 60 minutes long, unless otherwise specified.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of questions that can arise in terms of Life Coaching. I have therefore elected to list just a few for you to get some insight. These are:

What would my Integral Coaching Journey look like?
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